Dr. Dinker Belle Rai; the American Vascular Surgeon Making Strides

Dr. Dinker Belle Rai is undoubtedly the finest American vascular surgeon. He is board certified and has tremendous experience. Over the past years, Dr. B Rai worked at the Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn as the Chairman of Department of Surgery and the Chief of Vascular Surgery. He was born in Karnataka, India and completed in MBBS from Bangalore Medical College whereas he did his surgical training in the Department of Vascular Surgery from Brooklyn Jewish Hospital and medical Centre, New York.

Dr. Dinker Rai is a dedicated and hardworking American vascular surgeon. Over time he has not only performed his duty as a great vascular surgeon but also made remarkable strides in the field of physiology of heart and surgical techniques. Let’s take a look at some of his amazing discoveries over the years.

The American Vascular Surgeon Making Exceptional Discoveries; a Guide

Dr. B Rai is a pioneer of many new discoveries that have revolutionized the already existing knowledge that we have.


Surgical Inventions

Being an American vascular surgeon for so long, Dr. B Rai has dedicated a lot of his time doing research on chronic venous disease. To make the diagnoses of such a disease easier, he applied new techniques of descending phlebography. Not only did he invent a surgical procedure for vein vale transplant but also for venous embolectomy. His thorough research and work on venous disease has revolutionized the treatment that is done to treat this once chronic illness. In fact, he also invented the Rai Catheter.

To help aspiring surgeons and people in the medical field, Dr. Rai also video tape his surgery procedures which are available in the American College of Surgeon Education Library.

New Discoveries

His most talked about discovery is related to the physiology of heart and circulation. Dr. Dinker Belle Rai discovered the motion of venous valves which is the rhythmic opening and closing of these valves during a heartbeat. ( video recording of the motion of the valves  can be watched in you tube under Dinker Rai) Prior to Dr. Rai’s discovery, it was thought all these years that the venous blood flow is linear, Dr. Rai has finally proven it wrong. He found it is pulsatile

He discovered By recording in experimental model in canine Heart the mechanical function of the atrial chambers of the heart which allowed him to come to the result that it is the atrial diastole that creates a negative pressure thus bringing the blood back to the heart. As an American Vascular surgeon, he has proved that Atrial  muscle contracts during systole and actively dilates during diastole and both are active phenomenon . This new fact based on experimental data definitely contradict age old theories of Starling’s Law of  muscle contraction based on Frog’s thigh muscle experiment. These findings were applied to the  Cardiac muscle will demand modification, following  the new findings of Dr Rai proved on Canine Heart

It is appropriate to say that his discovery on the mechanical function of arterial chamber has improved our way of looking at the physiology of heart and circulations. There are new possibilities of research to treat heart diseases and make better prosthetic hearts.

Dr. Dinker Belle Rai is exceptional at what he does. This is why he has been widely recognized and awarded for his great work too. Learn more about Dr. B Rai and read his latest book, “Mechanical Function of the Atrial Diastole; A New Discovery”, now.