This book talks about Dr. Rai’s researches and experimentations in the atrial diastole of the human heart. These are novel researches that connect to the old ones, modifying them and giving the readers a new perspective and outlook on the cardio-vascular system.

In this book, Dr. Dinker talks about interconnecting his exploration and experimentation of the function of the atrial diastole to the new discoveries he made, which include pulsating venous values and motion of venous valves.

The way Dr. Rai talks about the heart and its functional mechanisms feels like reading a novel with all the world’s secrets. His fascination really seeps out of his words and makes the book even more interesting to read.

While working on the atrial diastole Dr. Rai calculates the velocity of blood flow during cardi muscle contraction and expansion in systole and diastole. Setting new parameters for hemodynamics.